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Our goal:Improved access to equal (inclusive) and quality early childhood education for both deaf and hearing children and usage of national sign languages in all early childhood education programs worldwide.

We assert that all young learners will improve their learning outcomes and life options:


  • When they are capacitated as their own protagonists of change

  • When families and communities include and value them and are aware of and able to address the challenges arising from existing socio-cultural practices and development barriers

  • When all schools provide inclusive, safe and conducive environments for learning and teachers have sufficient skills and knowledge to support young learners

  • When all deaf and hearing boys and girls are fully prepared for work and the future economy, as well as empowered to secure safe and sustainable livelihoods.

  • When inclusive early childhood education is accessible to all children and enriched with learning through play, technology and creative arts.


In our ongoing Inclusive Early Childhood Education agenda, we are building a holistic and integrated web of support around the mentoring unit.

Expanding on this, our educational approach which is child-centered addresses the socio-cultural barriers deaf and hearing children face between early childhood to transitioning into adulthood.

 Lily Kudzro, Founder and Executive Director

A children's rights advocate and social entrepreneur who is passionate about the quality and future of learning for children with and without disabilities.
She is an Engineers Without Borders Canada and Vital Voices Lead Fellow.
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James Etheridge,  Advisor

James Etheridge is an adjunct professor at George Brown College, Bachelor of Interpreting in Canada. He graduated from Gallaudet University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

He has volunteered for several Deaf organizations and worked for several organizations, such as the Canadian Hearing Service (formerly Society) as a Workforce Literacy Coordinator and Employment Service Counselor and an ASL instructor before making the transition to Bob Rumball Association of the Deaf as a Home manager.

We are grateful to all our partners and individuals who continue to help us reach our goals and create impact for all children both locally and abroad.


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