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This is a three part webinar series exploring effective communication strategies for children in the early years, in partnership with Children-4.net


    Guest Trainers

Konstantin Baehr, 61, Switzerland, is Chief Strategy Officer of the Zurich State Department of Education and Head of Division for Educational Planning.He is a member of the Strategy Group of the Swiss UNESCO Commission Early Childhood, Education and Care. He lives in Zurich and is a father of three.


Katharina Ganz, 49, Switzerland, is a Research Associate at the Zurich University of Teacher Education. As a member of the specialist Primary Education Team, she is active in research projects as well as further education programmes for teaching staff. Katharina Ganz is also a project Manager in the field of Early Childhood Education and care at the Zurich State Department of Education and a board member of the Zurich Oberland Childminding Association. She lives in Rapperswil-Jona and is a mother of one.


Stephan Pfaeffli, 59, Educational Planning of the Zurich State Department of Education. He leads the project Learning Opportunities for Children up to 4. He lives in Zurich and is a father of a daughter. He first studied languages and then communication sciences.

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