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According a report published by UNESCO, more than 7 in 10 African countries do not have enough teachers. The continent faces the greatest teacher shortage, accounting for two-thirds of the new teachers needed by 2030, and the problem is exacerbated by a steadily growing school-age population.

We are working to help the Ghana Education service meet up with its high demand for early childhood educators in the region.


 Apply today and we would offer you training and resources to become a skilled and amazing ECE teacher.

Over 500 School Teachers Trained

Most early childhood teachers in Africa, especially in Ghana, are not well trained and fully up to date with modern education delivery methods; our work through our training programs is helping bridge this gap.

Since 2013, we have trained over 300 school teachers in pre-school and primary, developing their capacities and skills to match up with the required 21st century skills children need to succeed in life.


Inclusion is the new Normal

The united nations sustainable development goal 4 encourages the promotion of quality and inclusive education for all children. Our work is strongly aligned with this goal.

We are advocating to get sign language introduced in all ECE programs worldwide to enhance the language and communication milestones of all preschoolers. This intervention is also critical for the inclusion of deaf children to access early education, and provide alternative method of communication for children with delayed speech problems, and even children with physical and intellectual disabilities. 

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We have worked with over 60 schools in Africa.

Our overall vision is to help impact the lives of over 1million children in Africa, and the only way we can achieve this is by fostering partnerships with schools, local community, international groups, and civil society organizations. We are also happy to share tools and resources, and best practices with our local and national network, and offer guidance where needed.

If you are interested in connecting with us so we can explore opportunities and create impact together, please feel free to connect at anytime.

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